Gigabyte’s Open Overclocking Competition underway

Aug 8th, 2010 | By technologynews | Category: Technology

Digging into the box for their USB key (used to save their scores) things got underway slowly this morning.

The big names in overclocking picked their places at the table inside the event room. They were each provided with all the basic hardware needed to get things going. The extras (such as the LN pots) were brought in by each entrant.

From there every one moved inside for the official welcome and to kick off the event. Of course the overclockers did not care too much for the pleasantries but dived into each pile of gear to get things arranged. All to the sounds to a live DJ (more than a few ran back to their rooms to grab earplugs).

After all of the opening talks, everyone lined up for one last photo op before Gigabyte let the contestants get to finishing up their system build. Meanwhile the press all headed back to the other side of the hall for some technical talks.

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