Gresso’s Las Vegas Jackpot phone: Yours for only one million dollars

Aug 14th, 2010 | By technologynews | Category: Technology

Think it cost you a pretty penny for your latest smartphone? What you shelled out was pocket lint compared to what it would take you to get a hold of Gressos Las Vegas Jackpot phone. It can be yours for only a million dollars. Seriously; a million bucks.

Its not like you get nothing for your money; black diamonds, diamond-cut sapphire crystals, 200 year old African blackwood, and of course pure gold are used in the construction of this phone. You really dont get a high end phone when it comes to features, but only three of these are being made so youre probably going to be putting it in a vault or on a pedestal to show off to your fabulously wealthy friends, not keep it jangling around in your pocket with your Ferrari keys.

Gresso is also releasing a similar phone without the diamonds and crystals for the bargain basement price of $20,000 USD for those of us who arent quite ready to make that leap. Pencil me in for one of those.


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