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Undercover Tourist’s Launches Updated iPhone Application

Undercover Tourist, an Orlando, Florida-based discount travel company, unveils the latest version of its most popular Disney paid travel application, Undercover Tourist App. The newest one-of-a-kind, easy-to-use iPhone application brings all the magic and wonder of Walt Disney World® to users’ fingertips with new features and enhancements. With a new look and feel, over 6900 pages of information, more than 200 colorful photos and rich in-depth content, the newly updated Undercover Tourist iPhone app for Disney World is available for download.

“We’re dedicated to providing time and money saving products that help our customers have the best experience they can.”

Users visiting the parks will not only save time and money with the application, they will also have access to comprehensive information on all park features, entertainment and dining as well as unique tools leveraging GPS technology to find friends, in-depth maps with accurate wait-times for attraction lines and a 10-day advance park planner.

“We had such an incredible response with our original application, we wanted to offer even more enhancements and tools with our new updated version of the app,” said Ian Ford, president, Undercover Tourist. “We’re dedicated to providing time and money saving products that help our customers have the best experience they can.”

The new vibrant version of the Undercover Tourist app includes more in-depth, up-to-the minute wait times for Disney rides and attractions. Maps within the application actually display the individual wait times for each attraction with zoom in capabilities and distance to each ride. The one-of-a-kind feature visually gives app users the tools to avoid long lines and navigate the parks, helping them to steer clear of time-consuming waits and avoid becoming lost while inside the parks.

Another new feature is the expanded dining information. Undercover Tourist App users will have access to restaurants (160) listed for the Disney Theme Parks, Downtown Disney & Park Resorts. Full restaurant menus (241), listing everything from drinks, appetizers, wine, entrees and desserts. Another great part to this feature is it includes what type of cuisine, cost, discount plans, ratings and an overall full-description of the restaurant. A filter can also be used to pick a specific restaurant and whether it is fast-food or dine-in service for breakfast, lunch or dinner. This feature allows users to plan, budget and choose all their meals without wasting precious time searching different locations for information. With one click of this application all the restaurant information is in one location.

Users can prepare for their vacation strategically with a ten-day advance planner. This feature includes the parks’ opening hours, along with color-coded crowd levels so visitors know ahead of time what to expect when entering the parks on certain days. Users now have the ability to create their own customized touring plan and, once a user’s schedule is prepared, it can be emailed to friends and family. Additionally, the app includes a GPS device to locate users’ cars and an increased download speed to maximize the enjoyment for visitors to Disney World®. The newest version is available for $3.99 and is free for existing Undercover Tourist App users.

“This app is a must buy if you plan on taking a trip to Disney,” said Steve Broumley, Undercover Tourist customer. “It’s packed with a ton of useful features, my favorite being the accurate wait times, that are all extremely well polished and very easy to use. It definitely blows all competitors away – and it’s a bargain at thrice the price!”

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