The Importance of Phone Call Tracking

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VEM Global
Here at VEM GlobalTM we are all about transparency. And we work hard to ensure everything we do is evaluated and analyzed so all of our advertising partners get that transparency – it’s all a part of the cycle.

One of the best ways to evaluate your marketing efforts is having in-depth analytics, which should be a standard piece of your marketing operations. Phone call tracking technology can be considered one of the most important analytics pieces, and this is why we require each of our advertising partners to enable this vital evaluation tool.


Below are the main benefits from tracking your phone calls:


  1. Tracking leads generated by marketing campaigns. By tracking and recording all phone calls from your advertising campaigns you are setting yourself up to accurately evaluate the leads generated from your campaigns. Depending on the type of call tracking package you have, some technologies allow you to see general demographics of your callers. This can help your team evaluate the significance of your marketing messages and learn more about your customers.
  2. Accurately manage your marketing investments. Again, by tracking and recording phone calls, you’re tracking the leads from your marketing efforts. Tracking the leads generated by phone calls allows your marketing team to evaluate what they have spent. You’re enabling your team to play yield management which cuts out unnecessary advertising that isn’t giving you at least a return on your investment.
  3. Training your staff. With call tracking technology in place you are able to record phone calls into a private account, your managers are able to login and listen to each phone call. Managers are able to hear how staff interacts with customers and use this data to improve customer service. Try using the calls in your training pieces – capture good calls and bad calls and allow your staff to hear themselves first hand.
  4. Understanding what your customers want. When you have recorded all calls, you are giving your sales and marketing managers a tool to learn directly from the customers. Your team can analyze what customers are saying and improve your business which keeps customers coming back. Improve your customer satisfaction by hearing their positive feedback and understanding what their concerns are.

For more information on phone call tracking visit the VEM Global Phone Analytics page!

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